Surrogates typically receive positive praise from their friends when they decide to become a Surrogate. While not all your friends will understand why you want to be a Surrogate or how you could make this decision, they support you regardless. Then once the Surrogate is pregnant and is able to communicate about her Intended Parents and decisions they have made (baby names, etc.) about their upcoming delivery, the friends usually get more involved and excited for you and the Intended Parents.

It is possible that while being a Surrogate you receive negative interactions, the effect of this can vary based on who the person is how involved the person is in your day to day life. Perhaps there is a co-worker who doesn’t understand Surrogacy or for religious reasons feels surrogacy is negative. In this case, it may be relatively easy to avoid interactions with this particular person or you may choose to not discuss the surrogacy during interactions with this person. Any negative interactions you receive are usually from individuals who don’t know you personally.

Support around you while you are a Surrogate is needed and helpful. This will make the entire experience much more rewarding for everyone.

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