The step-by-step actions involved in becoming a surrogate include:

  1. Call and email surrogate candidate once they contact OFG
  2. The surrogate fills out the surrogacy questionnaire
  3. Conduct phone screen/interview with candidate
  4. Obtain photos
  5. Provide compensation (payment) package and discuss so they understand the payment process
  6. Make profile of the surrogate to show to Intended Parents
  7. Call surrogate again to confirm the profile information is correct (from the questionnaire) and they understand about fetal reduction, amniocentesis, and abortion (key matching criteria). We also investigate family support, living environment, and the surrogate’s background.

All candidates receive an initial call from one of or team members to discuss the gestational surrogates interest in being a surrogate. This screening call is either before or after the surrogacy questionnaire is filled out. Almost, all then get a second call once the questionnaire is filled out to clarify the surrogates understanding of the questions, and be certain of the answers.

We start by asking some basic questions to determine your qualifications. These include information about past pregnancies and your motivation to be a surrogate. We ask you to complete a questionnaire. Later, we will conduct a criminal background check, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, a medical exam, and a psychological exam.

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