As a gestational surrogate the embryo is created using eggs from the Intended Mother or a Donor and the sperm is from the Intended Father or a donor. For this reason there is no biological connection between the Surrogate and the unborn baby. This makes it easier for the surrogate to understand it is not her baby. When carrying the baby you do care for the well-being of the baby as if it is your own child, but psychologically you know you are caring for the Intended Parent’s baby.

As you approach the end of the pregnancy you are anxious to have the delivery and have your own body back. For most Surrogates they look forward to being able to sleep through the night and get back to their life as it used to be before the pregnancy. Once the baby is born, the feelings the Surrogate goes through are overjoy for the Parents, relief that the delivery is done, and the love/care for the baby is much like what you would have for a niece or nephew. You care about the baby, but you don’t need to be involved every moment.

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