Most all surrogates have some kind of contact with the Intended Parents throughout the pregnancy. The level of communication and involvement on the Intended Parent’s part is dependent on their location. For an International Parent involvement is much more difficult than for a local couple. Email is an effective way for communication between Intended Parents and Surrogate. This allows open communication at a time that is convenient for each party. Often times video conferencing (Skype) is also used to keep the lines of communication open. If the Intended Parents are local or are able to travel to the Surrogate, they may be involved in the prenatal appointments as well.

For some surrogates they prefer to have an anonymous surrogacy. For these Surrogates, they prefer to take care of their responsibility without feeling like they need to be highly involved with the Intended Parents. These women prefer to do what they need to do to have a healthy pregnancy without developing the relationship, thus making the separation from the baby easier for them.

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