Some Surrogates decide to go forward as a surrogate because they personally know somebody who had infertility issues or has struggled with pregnancy. While most women think it would be a wonderful gesture to be a surrogate for this person, it usually turns out that they do not go forward with this.

While being a Surrogate for a family member or a friend can be a rewarding experience it may also be more difficult than being a surrogate for somebody you don’t know. This is in part because carrying a baby for family or friends they feel they are closer to you and more open to tell you what to do or not to do. They are more directly involved in your life, therefore may micro-manage everything about the pregnancy. Once the baby is born, you may find some regret as each person parents differently. Should your style of parenting be different from that of the family or friend who you were a Surrogate for (you may be more hands on or less strict as a parent) this can create feelings of disappointment for you.

Whether you are a Surrogate for somebody you just met or for a family member or friend, surrogacy can be a positive experience. It is important to always remember that you are providing a unique gift that is selfless and unlike anything else.

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