Frederick Gaston, Esq./ 高福睿

US Navy Intelligence: Chinese Interpreter
Chaminade University of Hawaii: Bachelor of Arts in Economics
夏威夷沙米纳得大学 经济学学士
Qingdao Haiyang University in Qingdao, China
University of San Diego, School of Law: Juris Doctor, Law
圣地亚哥大学法学院 法学博士、律师
Founder, Gaston & Gaston, APLC in 2004: Third Generation Attorney

Frederick W. Gaston’s passion for the law is a family tradition. Frederick is a third generation attorney, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

He moved to San Diego from Alabama after serving his Country in the U.S. Navy as a Chinese linguist. After graduating from Chaminad University in Hawaii with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics, Frederick went on to study at Qingdao Haiyang University in Qingdao, China. Subsequently Frederick attended the University of San Diego Law School. Shortly thereafter he opened Gaston & Gaston, APLC.

Frederick was drawn to the law surrounding third party assisted reproduction after being contacted by an international couple that had issues with a surrogacy arrangement in California. After assisting the Intended Parents through one of the most difficult times of their lives, Frederick was certain he could utilize the experience he gained in resolving civil and business disputes to help future Intended Parents and Surrogate Couples enjoy a positive experience.

Since devoting a large part of his practice to international fertility law, Frederick has prided himself on bringing a new level of professionalism to the industry. Frederick has assisted hundreds of Intended Parents over the years. He finds great joy in helping people who may not otherwise be able to have children complete their families. His background in mediation and civil negotiation gives Frederick and the Gaston & Gaston team the unique ability to anticipate issues long before they occur, thus making for an all-around more pleasant and successful surrogacy arrangement.

Frederick W. Gaston對法律的 熱忱源于家庭傳統。Frederick緊隨其父 親及祖父的足跡,是家中的第三代律師。

他在美國 海軍作為中國語言學家效忠國家之後,從阿拉巴馬搬到了聖地亞哥。在夏威夷查米納德大學經濟學學士畢業之後,Frederick繼續在中 國青島的青島海洋大學攻讀。之後Frederick在聖地亞 哥大學法學院就讀,之後不久即成立了 Gaston & Gaston, APLC律師事務 所。

Frederick 通過一對 外國夫婦與其聯絡有關在加州的一些輔助生殖方面的問題之後開始被吸引到有關第三方輔助生殖的法律之中。在協助了准父母度 過他們人生中最爲困難的時期之後, Frederick觉得,他 可以利用他所取得的民事及商業糾紛經驗來幫助今後的准父母和代孕夫婦享受一個美好的經歷。

由於投入 了大部分的精力從事國際生殖法業務, Frederick 驕傲地爲 業内帶來全新專業水準。Frederick已經在多 年中協助過數百名准父母。他在為那些不能以其他方法要孩子來讓家庭完整的人提供幫助中找到了極大樂趣。他的調解和民事協 商背景讓Frederick 和Gaston & Gaston團隊有獨 特的能力在發生之前很久即可預測到問題,所以可以製作一份全面的更讓人喜悅和成功的代孕安排。