Consideration #3 Will it hurt physically or emotionally?

Being a surrogate is a rewarding experience. Since each woman’s pain tolerance is different, the level of discomfort can vary. Some IVF Centers require injectable medications while others do not. As you can suspect, the delivery of the baby is the pain and discomfort that you will experience.

Every pregnancy is different so it may be that your surrogacy experience is different than what your own was (some for the better and some not). You may experience emotional ups and downs throughout the surrogacy such as a negative pregnancy result after an embryo transfer or the possibility of a miscarriage. It is for this reason that having family and friends support as well as the emotional support we provide is so important throughout your surrogacy.

It might be hard when you’re not prepared. Some surrogates, when they work with agencies that do not provide sufficient emotional support, experience a little sadness after their first experience as a surrogate. It’ isn’t about missing the baby, but all the outside attention of everyone, directed to them, before giving birth.

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