I want to be able to help a woman experience the joys of motherhood even if she can't physically carry the child.

- Cynthia Gomez -

"Give future parents the ability to raise a child if they are unable to do so! I'm very passionate about my children, and I believe everyone deserves the opportunity."

- Adriana Lozano -

Become a member of our fabulous community and Bring Family Moments to Life

- Omega Family Surrogates -

"I love being a mom and know a couple struggling with infertility. Their pain makes me consider what a gift this is."

- Amber Gruber -

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Omega Family Surrogates

Omega Family Surrogates is one of the most comprehensive Surrogacy Agencies in the USA.

Bringing Family Moments to Life

Find information on Surrogate requirements, the application process, tips, and surrogate compensation package to start, in this section.Read More»

10 Steps of the Surrogacy Journey

What you don't want to miss!

Tubes Twister!

Having tubes tied has nothing to do with the ability of an embryo to attach to the uterine lining and is its developmentRead More»

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16 Important considerations before you make a decision

Omega Family Surrogate has created an eBook, with the collaboration of surrogates, Intended Parents, and Omega staff to provide our readers with the most comprehensive and complete information on surrogacy and the journey it entails.