The experience of working with Omega Family Surrogates

Give the gift of family and help your own (Earn up to $55,000).

Omega Family Global is possibly the most experienced firm in managing the legal medical aspects of surrogacy. Combined our team has recruited and matched over 3200 surrogates with Intended Parents.

Becoming a surrogate with Omega Family Global provides you with peace of mind. Our legal team follows all laws and best practices regarding surrogacy. You can be sure, you are legally and medically protected with working with us. Our team will manage your surrogacy from matching through birth, and beyond. We have one of the best supportive programs you could join.

Every step of your surrogacy journey, from the fertility process, pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery-will be carefully guided and coordinated by our experienced coordinators. And you’ll have the chance to choose Intended Parents who share the same aspirations about your journey. Omega Family Global is seeking women who are willing to help Intended Parents achieve new family creation. We seek women willing to be a gestational surrogate (your eggs are not used).

Becoming a Surrogate is an amazing way to help others while earning up to $55,000.
The whole team at Omega Family Global is here to help you every step of the way.
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The Surrogacy Journey

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